I am a hands-on designer of digital products and services.

I aim for the right balance between thinking and doing, but doing plays a big role in my thinking.

I embrace product design as an end-to-end practice. I feel caged in the user research, interaction and visual design silos.

I play well in teams of all sizes. While staying strong as the user advocate, I can relate to developers' tasks, goals and pains. The ideal solution is always a feasible one.

I am based in HEL, but I am used to work remotely.


My latest collaborations have been with Meru Health, Facebook Design and Starship Technologies.

Previously, I designed VR and digital health professional tools with Nokia Technologies, tools for digital builders at Hone and a multiplatform communication service for Wire.

As a full time employee, I worked for Nokia and design agencies Fjord and Digia.

Most of my work is confidential. Please contact me to arrange a viewing.